Eagles Extravaganza Volunteer

Do you want to make a difference, support our public schools and have fun? The ISD 88 Foundation has several volunteer opportunities available.
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Join our Board

The ISD 88 Foundation has an open application process for current and future board openings. If you are interested in becoming a board member of the ISD 88 Foundation, please read the Application Process and submit an Application Form.

ISD 88 Foundation Application Process
ISD 88 Foundation Board/Committee Application Form

Volunteer on a Committee

If you are interested in serving on a committee as an off-board member, please email us at info@isd88foundation.org or submit an Application Form.

Marketing Committee – Amanda Groebner (Co-Chair), Shannon Frauenholz (Co-Chair), Mike Benz, Nicole Schmiesing
Alumni Committee – Nicole Briggs (Chair), Shannon Frauenholz, Amanda Groebner, Ted Sauers, Jake Holm, Abby Swenson
Fundraising Committee – Tim Knack (Chair), Nicole Schmiesing, Greg Thomas, Bill Steinke
Finance Committee – Mike Lieb (Chair), Jake Holm, Bill Steinke
Grants – Ted Sauers (Chair), Jill Curry, Shannon Frauenholz, Jim Pearson
Hall of Fame – Nicole Briggs, Shannon Frauenholtz, Amanda Groebner
Eagles Extravaganza – Shannon Frauenholz, Amanda Groebner, Tim Knaak, Nicole Schmiesing, Abby Swenson